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Color: 3Style - Fitness equipment accessories roller aluminum alloy guide wheel

 Color Classification:1Style: 73mm outer diameter pulley2Style: 88mm outer diameter pulley3Style: 95mm outer diameter pulley4Style: 110mm outer diameter pulley5Style: 114mm outer diameter pulley6Style: 73mm pulley + bracket7Style: 88mm pulley + bracket8Style: 95mm pulley + bracket9Style: 110mm aluminum wheel + bracket10Style: 114mm aluminum wheel + bracket11Style: Small bracket (suitable for under 98mm)12Style:...

Fitness & Bodybuilding

500 In Stock

 Color Classification:

1Style: 73mm outer diameter pulley
2Style: 88mm outer diameter pulley
3Style: 95mm outer diameter pulley
4Style: 110mm outer diameter pulley
5Style: 114mm outer diameter pulley
6Style: 73mm pulley + bracket
7Style: 88mm pulley + bracket
8Style: 95mm pulley + bracket
9Style: 110mm aluminum wheel + bracket
10Style: 114mm aluminum wheel + bracket
11Style: Small bracket (suitable for under 98mm)
12Style: Large bracket (suitable for below 114mm)
Type: Movable pulley

Purpose: Fitness equipment pulley

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