4 Outlet Automatic Irrigation Device

Drip irrigation is an efficient, easy to install a permanent irrigation system. It works by applying water slowly, directly to the soil and plants. Therefore, the plants can absorb nutrients and moisture directly with this useful tool. Buy it and see how useful it is in the development of plant growth. Whether you are present or not, the adjustable drip tool provides different water volumes according to different plant requirements with a set speed dripping.

The parts come seperately. it is suitable for the controls of irrigation systems in the domestic sector, such as lawn sprinklers drip houses etc.

It’s made of High-quality Plastic material, durable, and lightweight. It’s suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor plants.

Drip irrigation Set

4 Outlet Automatic Watering Device Drip Irrigation Set Copper Material Spray Cooling System Smart Garden Irrigation Adjust water
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